“Parenthood…It’s about guiding the next generation, and forgiving the last.”


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Hi! I’m Connie K. Grier, mother of twin boys Philadelphia resident, and passionate parenting advocate.

I have dedicated my life in service to youth and families and currently serve as an Assistant Principal with decades of educational experience within the k-16 realm.

I am a Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor who loves supporting parents on their authentic parenting journey.

I also founded a non-profit organization focused on effective mentoring, parental engagement at home and school, educational equity, and social justice issues.

As a justice advocate, I am passionate about serving communities through my ongoing work with youth, adults, and families directly and indirectly impacted by the criminal justice system.

I believe that every parent should have a safe space to come with their questions and struggles.

All are welcome here.


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What exactly is parenting coaching?

Parent Coaching is a professional relationship focused on helping you become the parent you want to be, helping you to feel less stressed, more confident, and able to relate to your children more respectfully. As a parent coach, I walk with you through the struggles and challenges of raising children. Collaboratively, we create personalized solutions that will work for you’re your children, and your family dynamic.

Who is parenting coaching for?

Parent Coaching is for anyone who has primary custody of a child, including fathers and mothers, grandparents, foster parents, and relatives.

Is parenting coaching the same as therapy?

NO. Parent coaches work with families for a specific period of time and provide practical strategies and guidance to address specific issues, which can also include recommended SHIFTS in the client’s present parenting style. Therapy is a relationship based on overcoming obstacles due to a mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression. Therapy is often focused on dealing with issues and challenges from your past and how these impact your current mental health.

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When is the right time to reach out to a parenting coach?

That depends on your level of effectiveness, happiness and results experienced with your parenting. A few indicators which may present themselves as needing outside support:

  • When you hit a self-indicated bump in your parenting road
  • When you feel ineffective
  • When you notice a lack of familial  communication
  • When you feel as if you are walking on eggshells in your own home
  • If your child is struggling with decision making
  • If you have a tween/teen that is displaying defiance or shutting down
  • If feel that everything is a struggle, (which then leads to joyless parenting)

How am I different from other parenting coaches?

 My training, experience, education and lived experience sets me apart from other parent coaches.  I have worked for almost 30 years with children and teens on a daily basis in academic and community settings. I am also a parent advocate, who supports parents when they have issues with societal institutions, and I am a mentor who works with young people from all walks of life, helping them to become independent thinkers, leaders, and respectful communicators. 

Can parent coaching work if parents are separated, divorced or single-parent households?

 ABSOLUTELY. One of my areas of expertise is building effective co-parenting strategies after divorce/separation. Oftentimes, this occurs with the primary caregiver and loops in the co-parent after much-needed reflection on the roles of each parent.

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