“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

You often feel overwhelmed and alone in your parenting.

You try your best to problem solve but nothing seems to work well.

You find yourself bringing in the frustrations of daily life, work and finances to your parenting.

You’re loosing sight of hope but desire a more peaceful relationship with your child.

You are not alone.

Parenting is one of the most sacred and difficult things you can do on this earth.

While there’s no such thing as perfect parenting, I believe it’s possible to have peace in parenting

(hint: and it doesn’t require being a perfect parent).

Imagine This…

A relationship with your child that is built on respect and communication.

Feeling supported in your parenting journey so that you feel empowered and parent from a place of love and compassion.

Breaking generational trauma and establishing your own legacy to live on.

Not only is this possible, but your journey starts now!

My Coaching Philosophy



In order to effectively shift relationship dynamics experienced between parent and child, siblings, and those outside of the family unit, one must examine the relationship as it is now; how it came to be, what actions, ideas, and philosophies have laid the current foundation.



Then, one must acknowledge the relationship in its current state, exploring and embracing the responsibility of the now.



Finally, one has a decision to make. Is the current state working for all parties? Is communication effective AND authentic? Are both parent and child being their true selves. Evolution occurs with open discourse; and strategic and respectful planning for improved familial outcomes.


How We Can Work Together

Are you ready to develop peace in your parenting, break generational trauma, and raise independent children who are respectful yet opinionated and self-advocating both in the home and in society?

Individual Parent Coaching

If you are currently feeling stressed out by life, work, finances, homeschooling, and more, and find yourself bringing that frustration into your parenting, this offer is for you!

It’s time to break out of parenting the way “things have always been done” and leave behind non-joyous parenting by getting the support you need.

Through this 3-month coaching program, we’ll work on identifying your personal parenting roadblocks and embracing the authentic parent you are while actively working to enhance your parent-child relationship.

Our goal is not to just “fix the problem” but is about growing the relationship authentically as your child grows.

We’ll do this by examining parenting your child as they are, not as you see them, carrying generational parental trauma into your parenting experience, recognizing the trauma that you as a parent experience that can impact your relationship with your child.

Family Coaching

Start evolving your relationships with collaborative coaching between either parent/parent or parent/child coaching.

We’ll do this by identifying the roadblocks to joy within your relationships and make room for the voice of the child and the parent.

Your family team will embrace the authentic family unit you are and actively work to enhance your parent-child relationship. Once the foundation is set, then we focus on growing the relationship specifically around self-reliance, self-awareness, grace, and self-advocacy.

This offer is for the parent who is ready to have constructive dialogue with their child, with the understanding that the dialogue will be positive, but not always pleasant. Embrace the truth that you as the parent are not solely responsible for being the problem solvers. The best solutions often involve the part who is impacted and often without a voice.

Group Coaching

If you are an organization that services youth, it is essential that parents are feeling confident and supportive of your organization AND the activities and/or programming you provide.

I offer professional development sessions, workshops and group activities that engage schools, organizations, clubs, and staff members. These sessions are personally crafted to address your organization’s needs.

This helps parents in recognizing that they are not on an island. Everyone benefits from reconnecting with the wider parenting village and every parent deserves a safe space to address concerns.

additional services

Therapeutic Yoga

In addition to my main coaching packages, I also offer therapeutic yoga as a way to process, work through, and release the trauma we hold in our bodies.

Yoga is a beautiful way to develop agency and peace within yourself and your family unit and dynamic. Together we’ll work through Asana (poses) for both physical and mental health, and the eight limbs of yoga which focus on lifestyle change.

meet your coach


Hi, I’m Connie!

Your parenting relationships coach. I am a life-long educator, mother to twin sons, and have experience working with parents across all areas of life (school, correctional facilities, etc).

What I want for you, more than anything else is peace.

Peace in parenting and peace within your parent/child relationships. That means more connection, joy, and the ability to develop an authentic and nurturing relationship with your child.

My passion resides in working with individuals and families from historically marginalized populations (Black, Brown, and families dealing with parent incarceration or single-parent families).

I believe that it IS possible to not repeat generational curses and to raise independent children who are respectful self-advocates in both their home and in society. There is no such thing as a lost cause.

And I’m here to help give you the support you need to have the parent/children relationship you desire.

– Connie, M.Ed., CBPI

How does parenting coaching help?

Working with a parenting coach means…

Having a safe space to identify and address all of the energies that are stealing the joy from parenting without having to worry about your child feeling as if their feelings /observations as a participant in the family were deemed irrelevant.

You are not an island! You are not alone! Getting the objective support you need as a parent is important as your child transitions from one developmental stage to the next and your relationship evolves.

Enrolling in family coaching helps to reduce assumptions that often occur when conclusions are drawn around the family dynamic without the voices of all involved.  It also increases both the parent’s and the child’s self-advocacy as a safe space is offered via which these conversations and observations are made.

Embrace the truth that you as the parent are not solely responsible for being the problem solvers. The best solutions often involve the part who is impacted and often without a voice.


Have a question?

first one

What exactly is parenting coaching?

Parent Coaching is a professional relationship focused on helping you become the parent you want to be, helping you to feel less stressed, more confident, and able to relate to your children more respectfully. As a parent coach, I walk with you through the struggles and challenges of raising children. Collaboratively, we create personalized solutions that will work for you’re your children, and your family dynamic.

Who is parenting coaching for?

Parent Coaching is for anyone who has primary custody of a child, including fathers and mothers, grandparents, foster parents, and relatives.

Is parenting coaching the same as therapy?

NO. Parent coaches work with families for a specific period of time and provide practical strategies and guidance to address specific issues, which can also include recommended SHIFTS in the client’s present parenting style. Therapy is a relationship based on overcoming obstacles due to a mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression. Therapy is often focused on dealing with issues and challenges from your past and how these impact your current mental health.

first one

When is the right time to reach out to a parenting coach?

That depends on your level of effectiveness, happiness and results experienced with your parenting. A few indicators which may present themselves as needing outside support:

  • When you hit a self-indicated bump in your parenting road
  • When you feel ineffective
  • When you notice a lack of familial  communication
  • When you feel as if you are walking on eggshells in your own home
  • If your child is struggling with decision making
  • If you have a tween/teen that is displaying defiance or shutting down
  • If feel that everything is a struggle, (which then leads to joyless parenting)

How am I different from other parenting coaches?

 My training, experience, education and lived experience sets me apart from other parent coaches.  I have worked for almost 30 years with children and teens on a daily basis in academic and community settings. I am also a parent advocate, who supports parents when they have issues with societal institutions, and I am a mentor who works with young people from all walks of life, helping them to become independent thinkers, leaders, and respectful communicators. 

Can parent coaching work if parents are separated, divorced or single-parent households?

 ABSOLUTELY. One of my areas of expertise is building effective co-parenting strategies after divorce/separation. Oftentimes, this occurs with the primary caregiver and loops in the co-parent after much-needed reflection on the roles of each parent.

Curious about coaching?

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